Downtown QT





Make Downtown Queenstown an aspirational shopping & dining destination

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Unique Proposition Develop a range and offer that is not found elsewhere, making the town centre a must visit

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Delivering on Promise Ensure customer service & an overall experience that uniformly reflects the ‘essence of Queenstown

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Theatre Demonstrate a sense of arrival, welcome, and participation that gives visitors a deep sense of engagement

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Heritage Ensure the town centre celebrates its past, demonstrates provenance and shares its back-story


Curating the Town Centre

Develop the ideal town centre environment for commercial and social success

Consumer Centricity Understand & respond to needs & expectations of Queenstown’s local & tourist market

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Consumer Appeal Optimise the retail & hospitality mix to develop an even more compelling visitor proposition

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Collaboration Promote strategies to achieve category clusters /precincts, uniformity in hours and enhanced consumer appeal

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Local Relevance Ensure the Town Centre remains the civic, cultural, community and commercial heart of the area.


Smart Town Centre

Leverage technology to support the visitor experience and commercial performance

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Amenity Implement free Wi Fi to assist visitors navigating the Town Centre, and connect with local businesses.

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Data Secure analysis of visitation, area dynamics, spending performance and overall trends to assist commercial decisions

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Digital Capability Help all businesses within the Town Centre reach beyond traditional boundaries through digital visibility

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Safety & Security Improve remote detection and response to risk and incidents through advanced technology solutions


Future Developments

Share a vision for style and quality

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Theme Ensure buildings sympathise with the environment and represent heritage themes that anchor Queenstown

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Parking Leverage technology to maximise utilisation, goodwill, efficiency and assist change in consumer behaviour



Transform consumer behaviour by delivering more compelling transport solutions

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Public Transport Develop an icon PT system & hubs that deliver convenience, value and environmental goals

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Park & Ride Manage vehicles well before they reach town by developing park & ride facilities for commuters and tourists

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Key Journey Focus Support improvement of key journeys – Town Centre to Airport & Town Centre to Ski-fields


Look, Feel & Place

An atmospheric Town Centre that consumers and businesses enjoy and want to be a part of

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Sense of Arrival Develop iconic gateways or portals that define key pedestrian entry points into the town centre

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Walkability Enhance visitor connection and enjoyment by enhancing pedestrian navigation, capacity & environment

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Streetscape Define features that celebrate heritage, & precinct themes while supporting shared-space aspirations

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Connection Develop laneways & connections that create interest, intrigue and uniqueness and help activate new areas


Servicing / Infrastructure

Factor for growth through innovative approaches to town centre servicing

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Street Cleaning Define heightened levels of detailing, responsiveness and potential future delivery models

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Waste Management Develop collaborative solutions to reduce noise, vehicle movements and waste volumes

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Minimising Commercial Impact Establish protocols that define performance from contractors working Downtown

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Freight Consolidation Advocate for fewer vehicle trips into town and greater productivity from commercial operations


Local Relevance

Maintain connection and engagement

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Upper Floor Businesses Grow and support the unique office sectors wishing to locate in the Downtown area.


Keeping Downtown Queenstown